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About Us.

We are a faith-based non-profit ministry located in Costa Rica serving the people of Central America.

We Serve Through



Using aircraft to move people, hours of travel can be reduced to minutes. When someone has suffered a deadly snake bite in a remote area, this can be the difference between life and death. Our goal is operate a not-for-profit air-ambulance type of aviation program which will cover the entire country of Costa Rica. From the Indigenous in the mountains, to remote villages without road access and everywhere in between, we aim to Move People. From emergency flights, to medical patients, missionary workers, civic and community leaders, or NGO volunteers our goal is to create efficiencies in movement using aircraft. Presently we are seeking to acquire our first aircraft.



This world is complex and life can be challenging. As Christians, we believe that the One who made us, cares for us. We believe that the Creator in fact has a special plan for each person's life, and the love to bring that plan to fruition. We love connecting people with God's plan for them. That's discipleship. Moving People from the darkness of distress, anger, guilt, and unbelief to the light and beauty of peace, faith, love and happiness.  Through community programs, seminars, poverty relief initiatives, construction projects, counselling and more, we aim to improve people's lives in the present and prepare them for eternity.



Good health is one of those gifts that is noticed when it's gone. Whether it's acute trauma suffered in an accident, or chronic disease that debilitates a functioning family, those who experience ill-health don't want to stay in that condition. The truth is, most of us want to have good health. Health that enables us to work and live productively and enjoy life's experiences to the full. Through lifestyle education workshops, health coaching & clinics, we aim to help people improve their quality of life. Through aviation, we will also be helping people access both routine and emergency medical care. Moving People to good health.


Costa Rica

A beautiful land of contrasts. You can find a seven star resort under construction. You can also find perhaps the larget slum in Central America located in the capital of San Jose. With a population of 5-6 million, you'll find both the affluent and those who are socio-economically disadvantaged. It's a destination for movie stars and irregular migrants. Several Indigenous tribes call the mountains their home. Catholicism is the official State religion. It's a developing country with both human and biological diversity. It's our base of operations and primary area of service.

Our Mission

It's very simple. Our mission is to Move People. Regardless of who they are, what they believe, or where they live. Moving them to better health. Spiritually and physically. The love of God is the motivating force behind all we do, and it's in reflecting that love to those around us that we believe will have the biggest impact in the lives of others. Throughout Central America.


Better Together.

We rely on strategic partnerships with individuals and organizations that share similar values and want to give back by serving those in need.

Our Board

With a diverse set of voices around the table with expertise in aviation, public health, medicine, business and pastoral care, we strive to serve with integrity, compassion and excellence.

Community Leaders

Working with local community and church leaders helps us operate effectively. Whether it's legal or business advice or strategic ministry planning we rely on those around us.


We like teaming up with other non-profits. It helps us leverage our resources and refine our services. We help them and they help us. All for the benefit of those in need.

We are members of

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